MA in Translation, Writing and Cultural Difference

Course details

This is an innovative and interdisciplinary twelve-month full-time (24 months part-time) programme of study leading to an MA. Its aim is to examine translation between English and either German, French or Italian in a cultural context, and develop communicative, imaginative and critical abilities related to literary writing. Students are encouraged to develop their interest in intercultural communication and combine the study of theoretical models with active translation work and creative writing.

The departments of French Studies, German, and Italian Studies, are all involved in delivery of this MA, together with translation specialists based in the Department of English and and Comparative Literary Studies. The MA is currently administered by the Italian department.

Language combinations:

  • French-English
  • German-English
  • Italian-English
  • English-French
  • English-German
  • English-Italian

Type of course: Master

Institution: Warwick University

Contact name: Dr. Jennifer Burns

Contact email:

Contact name: Faculty of Arts