Join the PETRA-E Network

PETRA-E is an open network. Every institution involved in the education and training of literary translators (in a broad sense) can become a member. We welcome every non-academic and academic – European* institution involved in the education and training of literary translators to become a member of PETRA-E. The only condition is that these institutions must subscribe to the ‘open’ Framework approach as a member of  PETRA-E and use the Framework in their program. We welcome also institutions that contribute to the education and training of literary translators in another ways (f.i. financially).

What we ask:

  • Members teaching LT must demonstrate that they refer to the Framework in the description of their courses programs.
  • A membership fee (to be determined soon). Under certain conditions, the contribution can be made in kind (For example, by editing the website).

*European as a territory of Europe. Membership of institutions from countries outside Europe can be discussed.

What PETRA-E offers:

  • Exchange of information and contacts from colleagues within the same ‘branch’.
  • A network facilitating partners for exchange and collaboration.
  • The PETRA-E logo which isn’t a quality label but provides mutual recognition of competences and acquisition levels.
  • Visibility of your courses and programs for literary translation.
  • Access to other European networks.
  • Information about European support and a voice to the European commission

For more information, or to request a membership of the PETRA-E Network, please contact


If you want a course to be mentioned in our database, please provide us with the following information, so we’re able to include it in our database (mail to

  • Institution
  • Faculty/department (for universities)
  • Course name
  • Course level: Bachelor/Master/Postdoc/Non-academic
  • (Short) description in English
  • Language combinations
  • Institution website
  • Course website
  • Contact name
  • Contact email
  • Address
  • Logo