Framework Literary Translation

The PETRA-E Framework for the education and training of literary translators (short: the PETRA-E Framework) maps the competences of literary translators and levels in the acquisition of those competences. It is based on the experiences of translators and trainers and has been developed for teaching and learning purposes and aims to help teachers and institutes to create tools and programs to acquire these competences. For students, the Framework helps to detect ‘gaps’ in their training and education. The Framework and its introduction are available in 8 languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Bulgarian.

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The Framework was developed by eight institutions in collaboration with a lot of partners from many other European countries. After the completion of the Framework in September 2016, the institutions founded the PETRA-E Network to further collaborate on the education and training of literary translators. Please click here for more information about the network and membership.