Bachelor and Master in Italian Language and Literature

A BA degree in Intercultural communication, offered by the Department o Italian Studies since the academic year 2005/6, includes basic knowldege about literary translation within the first-year course Introduction to Translation Studies, and dedicates a full course to the translation of  literary prose in the third-year course Contemporary Prose in the Mirror of Translation. Students are taught how to read translations, to analyze and criticize their strategies and solutions. At the end of the course they present a literary prose translation of their own, accompanying the text with an auto-analysis using the analytical tools acquired during the course.

An MA in Translation has been offered since the academic year 2012/2013. Theoretical aspects of literary translation are paramount for the course Theories of Translation, while both theoretical and practical ones are part of the course Contemporary Approaches to Translation. Literary translation is also of the utmost importance for the course History of Translation. Moreover, a course fully dedicated to literary traslation is Italian-Croatian Literary Translation, which offeres an overview of the Croatian tradition of translating Italian prose, poetry and drama, together with a series of seminars where students present their own translations and criticize each others’ solutions. Owing to the conviction that no (future) literary translator should be forced to translate an author or a genre that does not appeal to them, they are allowed to chose among the authors and genres they will translate. Students are encouraged to publish their translations and also reviews of  others’ translations, since translation criticism has so far been poorly represented in Croatian literary journals. Eminent literary translators are invited as guests to the seminars, providing the students with an insight into their hands-on experience.

Course details

Language combinations:

  • Italian-Croatian
  • Croatian-Italian

Type of course: Bachelor

Institution: University of Zadar

Contact name: Iva Grgić Maroević, Ph.D.

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