Applied Modern Languages – Bachelor

Course details

The mission of the study program is to train young specialists for employment in translation services, to ensure multilingual professional communication, in consulting services and linguistic and cultural expertise, as well as in education. The main mission of the study programme is to train specialists to support the services of linguistic and cultural expertise, research and education in relation to the current requirements of competitiveness and competence, promoting an educational offer in the continuous training system for human resources, regional and national. The programme's mission is in line with industry-specific standards.

Language combinations:

  • English-French
  • English-Italian
  • English-German
  • French-Italian
  • French-German
  • French-English
  • German-English
  • German-Italian
  • German-French
  • Italian-French
  • Italian-English
  • Italian-German

Type of course: Bachelor

Contact name: Cristina Nicolae

Contact email:

Contact name: Bianca Han

Contact email: