Curso de Especialista en Traducción árabe-español

Course details

The Specialist Course in Arabic-Spanish Translation is a postgraduate course of The School of Translators of Toledo (University of Castilla-La Mancha) that lasts 750 hours (30 compulsory ECTS, 35 offered). This course consists of six subjects and a final project . Of the six subjects, two are mandatory, while the remaining four are to choose three of them.
The two compulsory subjects are “Theory and practice of translation I” and “Theory and practice of translation II” and they correspond to the so-called "Seminars of Arabic-Spanish Translation".
The Optative subjects are divided in four modules composed of two workshops each one:

1. Economic and legal Translation:
Workshop of economic translation
Workshop of legal translation

2. Literary-humanistic translation:
Workshop of classical literature translation
Workshop of contemporary literature translation

3. Translation of press and international politics:
Workshop of Journalistic translation
Workshop of UN texts translation

4. Interpretation and Subtitling:
Workshop of Conference interpreting
Workshop of Subtitling

Language combinations:

  • Arabic-Spanish
  • Spanish-Arabic

Type of course: Postdoc

Contact name: Madam/Sir

Contact email:

Contact name: Escuela de Traductores de Toledo