Laurea Magistrale in Interpretariato e Traduzione editoriale settoriale

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The MA programme in “Interpretariato e Traduzione Editoriale, Settoriale” (Interpretation and Translation for Publishing and Special Purposes) aims to equip its graduates with specific knowledge, professional skills and competence in the fields of interpretation and both specialised and literary translation, as well as a proficiency in IT and in the use of CAT tools. The focus on translation studies and on translation as mediation encompasses a variety of linguistic, literary, and socio-cultural fields from a comparative and multicultural perspective.

The languages offered are Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese. The teaching languages are Italian, Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese, and English.

The courses in the programme include: Chinese linguistics, Chinese-Italian translation for publishing, Chinese-Italian specialised translation, Chinese-Italian specialised and multimedia translation, Chinese-Italian and English-Chinese consecutive interpretation, business Chinese and practical Cantonese, history of literary genres (China and Europe), IT tools for computer-assisted translation.

Teaching activities include stand-up classes, workshops, and internships. The learning format aims to provide students with comprehensive language proficiency and competence in translation and interpreting, paired by a wide-ranging set of relevant professional skills.
The final dissertation is based either on the translation of a literary or specialised text and the relevant translation commentary or on the study of a chosen topic in linguistics, literature or translation studies.

MA graduates may find employment opportunities as professional interpreters, freelance or in-house translators, staff in companies and organisations with an international reach, as well as operators in the fields of cross-linguistic communication, teaching, publishing, and multimedia. The MA programme also grants access to further studies (PhD or professional master’s programmes) in the fields of linguistics, translation, and interpretation.

The MA programme is based on the work of a team of teachers whose main field of research and activity is literary translation. Translation theory and the translation of literary texts are the core content of some of the offered courses. Besides, during the academic year we organise a range of activities especially aiming at increasing the students’ competencies and sensitivity in the field of literary translation, such as lectures and workshops on literary translation, as well as meetings with writers, translators, publishing houses, literary agents, etc.

Language combinations:

  • Italian-Chinese
  • Chinese-Italian
  • English-Chinese
  • Chinese-English

Type of course: Master

Contact name: Frederica Passi

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Contact name: Dipartimento di Studi Linguistici e Culturali Comparati

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