Literary Translation

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Literary Translation (5 cr.). Students possess knowledge of methods used in literary studies and interpretation of literary texts, having thus consolidated their familiarity with different literary genres. Students know how to perform a text, genre and style analysis. Students are able to interpret the aesthetic form, content and function of a literary work and literary texts translated between Finnish and Swedish (or from a Scandinavian language into Finnish/Swedish). Students are able to review texts based on models of translation criticism. CONTENTS: Students can consolidate their competence as translators in the following areas as part of the course or a project: literary translation. Students consolidate their theoretical knowledge and practical skills relating to each specific translation genre by participating in the course or a project. Students practise translating literary texts between Finnish and Swedish (or from Scandinavian languages into Finnish/Swedish) and learn to analyse and interpret their own and other people’s translations in terms of translation criticism. Students make use of the portfolio method (process-based translation, translation criticism, text, style and genre analysis).

Language combinations:

  • Swedish-Finnish
  • Finnish-Swedish
  • Norwegian-Finnish
  • Danish-Finnish
  • Norwegian-Swedish
  • Danish-Swedish

Type of course: Bachelor

Institution: University of Helsinki

Contact name: Ritva Hartama-Heinonen, PhD

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