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The Czech Literary Translators’ Guild repeatedly organizes one-term Courses of Literary Translation for participants in the Liří Levý Translation Contest (for translators under 35 years) as well as for the public, where the interest in literary translation can gain ground, and practical skills and necessary knowledge can be acquired and deepened. Language groups of 4-6 meet seven times for three hours every fortnight (the division of total time can vary) and discuss literary texts of various genres translated in advance, getting to know diverse approach given by text specificities and individual creativity and talents. Every lesson is followed by an electronic output of related theory and commented translations by all participants including the lecturer, enabling further detailed study as well as correspondence study for those who cannot attend personally. The participants cover the “costs” themselves, receive a certificate after each term and are welcome to take part in as many different courses as they please. The Guild is now trying to give its offer a more structured and regular basis and can open practically any language group with minimum of 4 applicants. In 2012/2013 there have been courses in English, German and Finnish.

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Institution: Obec překladatelů

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Contact name: Obec překladatelů