Literary Translation into Finnish

Course details

Literary Translation into Finnish, 5 cr. A practically oriented translation course including translation exercises. The course has been taught by professional literary translators. The course has focused on fiction or non-fiction translation in different years. For instance, the course has included four different groups divided according to language (English-Finnish, French-Finnish, German-Finnish and Russian-Finnish). PRECEDING STUDIES: Basic studies in Translation Studies, the Professional Translation course from the B working language into the A working language included in intermediate studies. OBJECTIVE: Upon completion of the course, students have practised professional translation of fiction or non-fiction into Finnish with expert supervision. CONTENT: Translation exercises in different genres (translation of fiction or non-fiction into Finnish). STUDY MATERIALS AND LITERATURE: Texts to be translated as agreed [selected by the group teacher]. COMPLETION: Participation in instruction (14–28 hrs) and completion of exercises. EVALUTION: 0–5

Language combinations:

  • English-Finnish
  • French-Finnish
  • German-Finnish
  • Russian-Finnish

Type of course: Bachelor

Institution: University of Helsinki

Contact name: Kristiina Taivalkoski-Shilov, PhD

Contact email:

Contact name: Department of Translation Studies