MA in Translation and Cultures

The MA in Translation and Cultures offers a rigorous academic grounding in the theoretical and practical study of translation. It will equip students with the necessary theoretical awareness and practical skills to significantly enhance their effectiveness as translators and intercultural mediators, as well as with the critical skills for the language industry and the translation profession. The research component is significant in this academic postgraduate degree, which offers integrated research skills training and the possibility to do a final Dissertation on a research topic. Students who prefer to get more translation practice can also opt for a final Dissertation comprising an original translation and an analytical commentary.

Course details

Language combinations:

  • French-English
  • German-English
  • Italian-English
  • Mandarin Chinese-English
  • Spanish-English

Type of course: Master

Institution: Warwick University

Contact name: Dr Olga Castro

Contact email:

Contact name: Faculty of Arts