Master di i livello

Course details

The MA degree in Translation Studies at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature leads to:
- linguistic and metalinguistic knowledge of Italian and two foreign languages;
- the development of translation skills applied to literary, general and technical texts;
- knowledge of linguistic theories and relevant application to the translation of the different text types;
- introduction to information technology applied to translation.

Language combinations:

  • Arabic-Italian
  • French-Italian
  • Japanese-Italian
  • English-Italian
  • Polish-Italian
  • Portuguese-Italian
  • Romanian-Italian
  • Russian-Italian
  • Serbocroate-Italian
  • Spanish-Italian
  • German-Italian

Type of course: Master

Institution: Università di Torino

Contact name: Elisabetta Paltrinieri

Contact email:

Contact name: Dipartimento di Lingeu e Letterature Straniere e Culture Moderne