Master en traduction

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A course which forms part of the study programme at UCL, an internationally renowned university, and which is based on the experience and the tradition of excellence of the Institut libre Marie Haps.
Personalised learning programmes, thanks to a wide and varied choice of specialisations and option courses which are a vital part of the interdisciplinarity at UCL and the Faculty of Philosophy, Arts and Letters.
Immersion in the professional work by doing a 10 week work placement, in Belgium or abroad. The knowledge and know-how students gain during their training is put into practice in translation departments in the European institutions and other international organisations, translation offices, Belgian institutions, NGOs and various other partners of the LSTI.
The possibility of doing a part of the study programme abroad.
Recognition of the quality of the Master’s by the EMT guarantee (European Master’s in Translation) awarded by the Directorate-General for Translation of the European Commission.
Admission, afterwards, to the European Master’s in Specialised Translation, organised by 12 partner universities in Europe.

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Type of course: Master

Contact name: Faculté de philosophie, arts et lettres

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