Master in French Language and Literature, Translation

Graduate Program in French Language and Literature – Translation is a double-major program on offer at our department since the academic year 2012/2013. Besides the acquisition of language and communication skills and the development of technical, thematic, professional, and intercultural competences, the program offers four courses that are directly or indirectly devoted to literary translation: Literary Translation, Contemporary Theories and Poetics of Translation, Reception of Translations and Translation Criticism. Theoretical courses introduce the students to the works of theorists and poeticians from Francophone and other countries (Benjamin, Berman, Meschonnic, Steiner, Eco, Etkind, Derrida, Ricoeur, Ortega y Gasset, Paz, etc.), the history of translation, approaches, strategies and procedures employed in literary translation, as well as translation sociology, reception and criticism. Practical course, on the other hand, provide the students with the opportunity to translate literary texts, mainly from French into Croatian, and to analyze, compare and evaluate translations made by professionals and/or students themselves. The most successful student translations are published in literary magazines while the members of the department’s teaching staff regularly collaborate with the students on various research and translation projects.

Course details

Language combinations:

  • French-Croatian
  • Croatian-French
  • Spanish-Croatian
  • Croatian-Spanish
  • Portugese-Croatian
  • Croatian-Portugese
  • Catalan-Croatian
  • Croatian-Catalan
  • Galician-Croatian
  • Croatian-Galician

Type of course: Master

Institution: University of Zadar

Contact name: Vanda Mikšić, Ph.D.

Contact email: