Master in Hispanic Studies

Graduate Program in Spanish Language and Literature is a double-major program on offer at our department since the academic year 2013/2014. As part of our Undergraduate Program in Spanish Language and Literature, we have incorporated translation practice from Spanish into Croatian in some Grammar courses. Besides the acquisition of language and communication skills, the development of technical, thematic, professional and intercultural as well as data processing and translation competences, Graduate Program in Spanish Language and Literature offers three elective courses courses devoted to translation: Consecutive Interpreting, Audiovisual Translation and Literary Translation. The Department of of Hispanic and Iberian Studies also collaborates with publishing houses and other partners and organizes literary translation workshops and other extracurricular translation-oriented activities.

Course details

Language combinations:

  • Spanish-Croatian
  • Croatian-Spanish

Type of course: Master

Institution: University of Zadar

Contact name: Ivana Lončar, Ph.D.

Contact email: