Master in Russian Language and Literature

Graduate Program in Russian Language and Literature – Translation is a double-major program offered by our department since the academic year 2008/2009. Courses on translation from Russian into Croatian and vice versa are also offered as part of our double-major Undergraduate Program in Russian Studies. Competences acquired during the course of study include professional, communication, technological, thematic, intercultural, data processing and translation competences. During the first couple of years, our graduate program included several mandatory courses dedicated to translation: Fiction Translation and Poetry Translation (3 ECTS). The two courses are now combined into a single mandatory course called Translation of Literary Texts (5 ECTS). As part of our courses on literary translation from Russian into Croatian and vice versa, the Department of Russian Studies collaborates with external partners, organizes extracurricular activities such as literary translation workshops and lectures by eminent translators and translation scholars. Our students also have the opportunity to publish their translation at the department’s website and university publications. As part of their course activities, our students are required to produce a translation portfoli, o, which includes the students’ translations of fiction and seminar papers focusing on the analysis of translation of poetry from Russian into Croatian. A number of such seminars have been published as original research papers (in Russian or Croatian) in scholarly publications in Croatia and elsewhere (Russia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Course details

Language combinations:

  • Russian-Croatian
  • Croatian-Russian

Type of course: Master

Institution: University of Zadar

Contact name: Rafaela Božić, Ph.D.

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