Tradurre la letteratura

Course details

Tradurre la letteratura” is a postgraduate course in editorial translation at an advanced level organized by the Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici of the San Pellegrino University Foundation. The course is held from October to January only during weekends for a total amount of 104 hours. The course is organized with some common lessons and seminars for all students and some specific workshops from the chosen languages. All teachers are professional translators, editors or scholars in the field of translation.

Students are 30/40 per year. To enter the course it is necessary to pass a translation test. At the end of the course, worthy students have the opportunity to sign a translation contract with an Italian publisher.
Tradurre la letteratura is in its 21st edition and can be completed by two supplementary courses, one in the translation of comics and one in the translation of children books and young-adult novels.

Language combinations:

  • English-Italian
  • French-Italian
  • German-Italian
  • Spanish-Italian
  • Portuguese-Italian
  • Swedish-Italian
  • Russian-Italian

Type of course: Non-academic / other

Contact name: Roberta Fabbri

Contact email: