Translation and editing

Course details

Interdisciplinary program, intended for additional practical and theoretical qualification of foreign language specialists, who will be able to participate actively in contemporary inter linguistic and intercultural communication. Students graduate the program with a diploma for different languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Russian) interpreters-editors. The program actively interacts with European teams of interpreters.

Language combinations:

  • Bulgarian-English
  • Bulgarian-French
  • Bulgarian-German
  • Bulgarian-Spanish
  • Bulgarian-Portuguese
  • Bulgarian-Italian
  • Bulgarian-Greek
  • Bulgarian-Russian
  • English-Bulgarian
  • French-Bulgarian
  • German-Bulgarian
  • Spanish-Bulgarian
  • Portuguese-Bulgarian
  • Italian-Bulgarian
  • Greek-Bulgarian
  • Russian-Bulgarian

Type of course: Master

Contact name: Assoc. Prof. Amelia Licheva, PhD

Contact email:

Contact name: Факултет по славянски филологии (Faculty of Slavic Studies)