Translation Children’s Literature

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ÇEVBİR (Çevirmenler Meslek Birliği – Translators’ Society), is the only institution in Turkey representing the rights of copyrighted translation works. To have produced at least one copyrighted work is the minimum criteria for membership. Having been founded in May 1, 2016, ÇEVBİR represents and protects the rights of more than 400 translators.

Since 2008, ÇEVBİR has been organizing translation workshops, technology trainings, and language courses.
All workshops are on an advanced level, and last two to three months with weekly 3- hour meetings. This five-week workshop discusses themes, norms, jargon, ethical and political responsibilities, picture books, current discussions and publications, humour, puns and tongue twisters, publishing houses, legal rights and working conditions.

Language combinations:

  • Turkish-English

Type of course: Non-academic / other

Institution: Çevbir

Contact name: Cagdas Acar

Contact email:

Contact name: Çevbir