Translation Studies MA

Course details

This course will prepare you for work in the translation professions and provide the ideal foundation if you want to progress further in the academic discipline of Translation Studies. You will practice translating between English and a language of your choice, as well as gaining a thorough grounding in the academic disciplines of translation studies.
The course will equip you with advanced research skills and research paradigms relevant to investigations of translation processes, products, contexts and producers. You will study in-depth the history and theory of translation and develop the skills to critically analyse current issues being debated within the discipline.
Our focus on research topics, skills and methods in translation studies prepares you for your final dissertation and will equip you with the essential skills needed for entry into the translation professions.
As well as the translation professions such as text translating and editing, subtitling, dubbing and localisation, our course prepares you for opportunities in careers such as tourism, journalism, copy writing and international business communication. Our MA programme is also particularly suited for progression to study at PhD level.

Language combinations:

  • Arabic-English
  • Chinese-English
  • Danish-English
  • French-English
  • German-English
  • Greek-English
  • Italian-English
  • Japanese-English
  • Kurdish-English
  • Malay-English
  • Norwegian-English
  • Polish-English
  • Spanish-English
  • Swedish-English
  • Turkish-English

Type of course: Master

Contact name: Dr Ahmed Elimam

Contact email:

Contact name: School of Modern Languages