Translation Studies

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At the moment, no dedicated study programme is offered in Translation or Translation Studies as such, but rather, various modern language departments offer translation as a track (stream or specialization) in the graduate programmes in their respective languages. For example, in the English Department, we offer four such tracks (Teaching, Translation, Linguistics and Literature) at the graduate level. Upon completion students get an MA degree in English, and the track is mentioned in the supplement.

With regard to literary translation, some of these study programmes offer individual courses dedicated specifically to literary translation, while others deal with literary translation as a component of a broader course (again to give the example of the English Department, literary translation is taught as part of a broader course, which also deals with AVT (subtitling) In the Translation Theory course, issues relevant for literary translation are discussed . Some language departments which don't have a translation track also offer individual translation courses, and these tend to focus on literary translation.

Language combinations:

  • Croatian-Ukranian
  • Croatian-Spanish
  • Croatian-Slovak
  • Croatian-Russian
  • Croatian-German
  • Croatian-French
  • Croatian-English
  • Ukranian-Croatian
  • Spanish-Croatian
  • Slovak-Croatian
  • Russian-Croatian
  • German-Croatian
  • French-Croatian
  • English-Croatian

Type of course: Master

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Contact name: Filozofski Fakultet

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