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DILIA Translation Workshop sponsored by the City of Prague and the DILIA Board of Trustees. Since 2005, DILIA, the Czech Theatre, Literary and Audio-visual Agency, have organized a Translation Workshop for Young Translators out of students of art and philological faculties interested in drama. Each of the 5 chosen applicants translates a contemporary play under the tutorship of an experienced translator. The participants receive a scholarship of 5000CZK. Every year is focused on a particular language area (2013, Germany, Austria Switzerland, 2012- Scandinavia, 2011, France, 2010, Poland, Hungary, 2009, USA, Canada, 2008, Portugal, Spain, Italy, 2007, Russia, 2006, Northern Ireland, 2005, Germany, Austria, Switzerland). The results of the workshop are presented in form of scenic reading on the stage of a selected theatre. The workshop aims at introducing less known playwrights, supporting new generations of translators, enriching the repertoires of Czech theatres, strengthening the cooperation of young translators with professional theatres and fostering contacts between translators and playwrights.

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  • All languages-Czech

Type of course: Non-academic / other

Contact name: prof. JUDr. Jiri Srstka

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Contact name: Divadelní Literární Audiovizuální Agentura (DILIA)

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