Workshop di aggiornamento per traduttori professionisti

Course details

Mrs) Carter is an annual and independent translation workshop, organised BY and FOR professional literary translators who work mainly from English. Our idea is to give participants the opportunity to work together, focusing on a literary text which has yet to be published in Italy. Since 2006, the author of the text in question has also been invited – an innovation which has ensured interesting contributions to our debates. This 3-day translation marathon is aimed at those who have retained an enthusiasm both for literature and for discussing the various aspects, joys & frustrations of our profession. The workshop takes place every summer in a beautiful and relaxed environment and is organised by Gioia Guerzoni & Ada Arduini.

Language combinations:

  • English-Italian
  • Italian-English

Type of course: Non-academic / other

Institution: Mrs Carter

Contact name: Giola Guerzoni

Contact email: